Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Camo Orbs

I just returned from spending two months in Happy Camp, California shooting a documentary. While there I met a group of spiritual people who had never heard of orbs. So, to show them what orbs are I took a series of photos on three different nights - two times in the same place and the last time at a friend's house. What I got was weird stuff as well a regular orbs. What was weird was I kept getting orbs in a pink cloud that seemed to be watching me and staying in one place for a while. This has not happened to me before. These pink clouds came in a series bracketed with regular photos that had no orbs in them. There were no cars or lights (other than those on the grocery store across the street) or anything moving while I spent a few minutes shooting these photos. This phenomena was explained to me as happening because the new digital cameras are able to record higher frequencies than our eyes are able to see and with a flash at night (or with a dark background as I've shot some during the day) we are able to finally see them.

Below are from the second shoot.

The last photo was the weirdest of all - it actually kind of looks like something. The next series is from my friend's house. Here we had some regular orbs (the little white balls) as well as the weird pink ones.

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